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Why Cell Phones Should be Used in School Do you believe that cell phones should be allowed in school? Or are you the type of person that doesn't believe in cell phones in school because on texting in class or other issues? I believe cell phone are a unique tool that should be allowed in school but not during class for personal issues. Cell phones should be kept on and in your pocket during school hours because of the possibility of emergencies. I also believe during class, only with permission from the instructor, students should use their phone or ipod/mp3 player during class. Did you know that eight point five million teenagers in America have an iphone. In class cell phones could be used as calculators, data trackers, communication, web searches, and much much more. Cell phones now have apps that can do almost anything! For example, say you're in woodshop and you need to see if something is level just go to your phone and use your app to use as a level. Now of course there are other uses for other topics. Currently, Del Oro is trying to save paper by having students get assignments and documents by going online to the the Del Oro website. With cell phones we can access internet and download textbooks straight to your cell phone. Now of course there will be issues with having cell phones on campus or in a classroom. Did you know that forty two percent of teenagers get caught texting in class? Then there’s the ones that don’t get caught. A very serious lookout would have to be happening to make sure that students are doing the right thing. Or set your class up to where you will have zero cellular service. Then set up wifi for the class room with restricted websites so that only school work will be searched on the student’s device. Students will then be able to access internet websites for their research but will still be able to work apps that need wifi to

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