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Celda 211 is a 2009 Spanish prison film directed by Daniel Monzón with main actors Luis Tosar and Alberto Amman. The setting of the movie was interesting in itself because viewers do not usually see a movie with the perspective of an outsider going into jail. The layout of the film forces viewers to sympathize with each character and develop an emotional bond with main character Juan Oliver played by Alberto Amman. From the first scene showing a man slitting his own wrists, Celda 211 is a suspenseful film that gripped me to the last scene. Its mix of action, violence, and a love story with vivid scenes of Juan and his wife that made it a great film to see and left me sad when the movie came to an end. After all the twists I hoped for the happy ending but was stunned to learn that everything that could of gone wrong did. Celda 211 is about a soon-to-be prison guard, Juan Oliver (Alberto Amman), who is touring a prison in Spain in preparation for his first day on the job, which is supposed to be the following day. Oliver is married to a woman named Elena (Marta Etura) who is pregnant with their first child. This facility is the home to some of Spain's most notoriously dangerous criminals and while they are touring, part of the ceiling hits Juan in the head, and the two prison guards with him put him in an empty cell numbered 211 as they call for a doctor. The film then swings to the events going on in other parts of the prison where a riot is breaking loose. The men leave Juan in the cell as the inmates take control of the entire prison to save their own lives. Juan is not awaken in the cell until he is found by a slow speaking prisoner where he then rids himself of any clues that he is a prison outsider and he quickly hides any piece of clothing that can show his true identity- his wedding ring, wallet, phone, shoelaces and belt. The prisoner who finds him brings him

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