Celiac Disease

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Have you ever thought anyone could die from just eating bread? Well some people can and the reason why is called Celiac Disease, My Interest in Celiac started back in 2006 when my mother was first diagnosed with the disease. She was having a continual weight loss, developed a thyroid problem requiring medication then was diagnosed with lymphoma and Osteoporosis. The gastroenterologist she was seeing didn't think she had Celiac disease but she insisted on having an endoscopy. He was embarrassed when it came back positive. Prior to this I knew nothing about this disease. it just goes to show that many people might have celiac and may have never been properly diagnosed. So I will go over what celiac is defined as, the symptoms followed by…show more content…
Other symptoms may include constipation, constipation alternating with diarrhea, or premature osteoporosis. Overweight persons may also have undiagnosed celiac disease. Children may exhibit behavioral or concentration problems, diarrhea, bloated abdomen, growth failure, dental enamel defects, or projectile vomiting. Many people will not have classic symptoms and some people may have just one or more symptoms. Other symptoms can include anemia, chronic fatigue or pain syndromes, migraines, nerve problems, infertility or miscarriages, and other apparently unrelated conditions. Patients are frequently misdiagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), spastic colon/bowel, or Crohn's disease." Here are a few more symptoms associated with Celiac Disease as stated in a CNN broadcast by Heidi Collins on 15Oct 2007. Malnutrition, infertility, Cancer, thyroid disease, Osteoporosis, Pregnancy complications, and Depression If you have any of these symptoms you might be interested in knowing about the testing…show more content…
Blood tests. Blood tests can detect higher than normal levels of certain antibodies (anti-endomysium and anti-tissue transglutaminase) in people with celiac disease. Antibodies are specialized proteins that are part of your immune system and work to eliminate foreign substances in your body. In people with celiac disease, their immune systems may be recognizing gluten as a foreign substance and producing elevated levels of antibodies to get rid of

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