Celia a Slave Book Analysis

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Jewtopia The movie Jewtopia is a mix of both American and Jewish culture. In this movie young typical American boy (Christian) becomes friends with a Jewish kid (Adam) no one want to be around. After befriending the kid he’s exposed to the Jewish culture. He falls for the fact that in the Jewish culture the men don’t have to make decisions for themselves the women do that for their husbands. While in college he dates a Jewish girl throughout all four years, but when marriage was proposed she stated that she couldn’t marry him because it would never work and the reason behind that is because he isn’t Jewish. On the other side Adam is fascinated and appalled by the typical American culture and finds himself having sever panic attacks starting at age twelve. During his barmitpha he has an episode where he chants I’m not ready to be a man and proceeds to take all his clothes off and run out. Adam is forced into a career that he did not decide for himself but of what was chosen for him. He grows up and eventually becomes engaged to a Jewish woman who completely controls his life. On the day of the wedding rehearsal he completely cracks and is put into a mental institution. Meanwhile Christian meets a Jewish woman by the name of Allison and continuously lies to her about being Jewish, a doctor, and even his name. The main reason he wants to be with a Jewish woman is because he feels like with them he’ll never have to make another decision for himself again. To help lie to this woman he enlists the help of Adam who teaches him all things Jew. Together they manipulate and deceive this woman and her family. Eventually all truths come out, Christian revealed to Allison his real identity and occupation and was accepted for who he is by her and her family. Adam called off the marriage and married a Somalian woman. This was a very interesting movie that I feel doesn’t

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