Celebriyes Need To Be Punished Essay

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For several years, it has been one of the most controversial issues whether or not we should allow celebrities who committed crimes to make a comeback. Although there are some people who insist that it is inappropriate to give them a second chance, they should be able to return to their jobs for several reasons. First, if they redeem their faults by paying a fine or serving a prison term, they deserve a second chance just like everyone else. There certainly are a number of people around us who violate a law or disobey rules, but they all get a second chance and get to keep their jobs, unless they committed really terrible crimes. Therefore, celebrities who made bad choices and committed minor offenses should not be an exception. Second, punishments from the Constitution do not include depriving them of their occupations. When a person acts against a law, he or she will be punished with a fine or be end up in prison in the worst case. That is how people are supposed to be rehabilitated. Preventing them from returning to their jobs is not a part of the punishment that they are legally supposed to endure. Last, people do not love celebrities just because they are good citizens. People love celebrities because they do excellent jobs in their fields, such as acting, singing, and entertaining. There is a large number of viewers who would like to see the performance of their stars as long as they pay for what they have done wrong. If we do not allow them to come back, we will not be able to enjoy the amusement that they have provided for us, and it will be our loss too. We all see a lot of celebrities on TV every day. What we do not see is that they are the same people as we are. Whether they intend or not they sometimes, may make mistakes and even commit crimes as we may do. Of course we must not support any crimes or wrongdoings, but the important thing is

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