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Celebrity charity Work encourage people to give money to help, but doesn’t help those in need to become independent. Around the world there are a lot of people who are starving; their families live with less than a dollar per day, which is a very little amount that not allow to supply the basic needs for a person. This situation has generated a new wave of charity movements, specially charity made by famous people. Those charity programs have been very controversial, because there are a lot of people who disagree with them because they think that don’t improve the situation while other people are very pleasant with this projects because they think that is a way to help needed people. Some people says that this charity work is very valuable even when they only bring some food and shelter, for those people it’s better to give something than don’t give anything and they said people had died without this help, and that could be either a valid and powerful reason. Other groups of people express their satisfaction with the collaboration of the famous because their fame attract common people to this projects by this way they attract more capital and be able to spread the range and coverage of this activities. In the other hand we find people who disagree with this collaboration, they thing this problem won’t solve with this type of aid, because people aren’t learning how to develop self-sustainable solutions or projects and a lot of poor people are only waiting for the arrive of the aid, although this situation is not a common practice, in certain way give just the aid and not the knowledge (“kwow-How”) to make productive process or self-sustainable improvements will convert this in a cyclic situation and it will be make more difficult Finally, I thing the solution has to be part of both approaches above mentioned. Because it’s very difficult to generate

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