Celebrities and How They Are Portrayed in the Media Essay

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Celebrities and How They are portrayed in the Media Atrellia Quarterman IRN 9004445339 COM/150 02/27/2012 Nanda Tewari In the United States today many celebrities are being portrayed very badly by the media and some are being portrayed in a good way by the media. But all in all some of the media have made allegations to make these celebrities look bad in many ways and then some make some actual event s that are true to make them look good. In the research that I have done we will bark upon the good and the bad of what the media portrays in different types of celebrities and how they have made them look as far as the good or the bad or what they have one and what they have not done. I will be discussing anyone from American Idol winner Fanatsia Barrino to rapper T.I. Good Media It is very important to understand that there is a thing called good media out there for the celebrities it is all in how some people use it and how they read in to it. There is good media that can let you know all about how good they are living or how they have made contributions to the charity that they support or how they have made an impact on someone’s life in a big way and then also it can be know to see how they are in real life and not what you see in concerts or on the big screen. Celebrities have lives just like me and you and with the media these days it looks in more depth of those they are living day to day. Bad Media In the everyday life of a celebrity you are going to have some negativity and that is just a part of life and how the media works. Celebrities will get talked about and then they can also get photographed in the wrong way and this is all too just get a dollar and to make readers like us be interested and want to look more in depth into their lives. With bad media being out there them you sometimes have to wonder what is really true and what is

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