Celbrity Culture Essay

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On a cold,dark winters morning in January 2008 the celebrity world paused in anxiety. Every newspaper,each global television screen all displayed this horrific news. A world renowned famous pop star Brittany Spears, had been committed to a psychiatric ward expected to be under the influence of an illicit substance. By twenty,Brittany was already established as a pop icon and consequently became the best selling teenage artist of all time breaking all international sales records in 2001. Five years later her life was in turmoil. Separated from her children by the courts and her career up in ruins Brittany's life hit a self inflicted all time low. But why? Good Morning chair people,delegates of the house,ladies and gentlemen. I am here today with you all in another conference in relation to the fact that today' society has become massively obsessed with the lives of rich and famous people. Sure everybody enjoys having that extra income and social recognition, but has this idea vastly surrounded the outlook we have on life? The constant happiness of celebrity's we read daily is in fact not near the reality of the insight deep in some these lives. Some celebrities have even admitted to depression drug use and a non existing family life. So we ask what clear consequences does this obsession have on people ? Don't get me wrong everyone in this room admits to having that childhood hero that we all looked up to. For me it was Gaelic football star Colm Cooper. What he did I tried. Unfortunately, in today's society young children and teenagers have converted their idols to high profiled celebrities. Theses celebrities who live an extraordinary materialised life are hugely idolized and therefore play a huge factor in the development and actions in peoples lives. This obsession with becoming like theirs hero's has deceived people and led them to believe copying the

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