Ceis Week 5 Report

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Computer Science and Business Christopher A Anderson DeVry University Author Note This paper was prepared for CEIS-100 taught by Professor J Shakib Course Project Week #: 5 Study the following Python code. This code adds two numbers. Then increments each number by 1 and displays the result: x=int(input("Enter the value for x:")) y=int(input("Enter the value for y:")) z=x+y print("x + y = ", z) x = x + 1 y = y + 1 z = x + y print ("Add 1 to x and add 1 to y, now z equals ", z) The program running looks like this: Walk through the code and explain what the result will be if the input is: x=4, y = 5 1 is added to 4 then 1 is added to 5 then they are added together to equal Z which is 11 x=-1, y = 3 1 is added to 1 then 1 is added to 3 then they are added together to equal Z which is 6 What are the benefits of learning to program even if you are not planning on programming as a career? Learning software engineering will benefit you even without a CEIS career because it teaches you many skills such as problem solving, “In fact, there has been a lot of study into the benefits of learning to program. According to recent studies, teaching basic coding can increase problem solving skills.”(Coded for Success) Just look at how toddlers exposed to computers grow up to be very comfortable using them as adults, so even become engineers. By knowing how software and computers work one can better understand how to use and take advantage of them. How will basic business skills play a role in your professional life? Being able to conduct oneself in the business word is crucial to even having a professional life. You can’t consider yourself a professional without business skills. My father has tried to instill business skills in my since I was a child. Teaching me how to conduct myself, speak, negotiate and pursue desired results. Having

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