Cedar Tech Assessment on Leadership

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Chapter 8: Leadership Style - CCG’s assessment: The leadership styles of the top management in Cedar Tech are considered autocratic and micromanaging. Within CCG’s assessment of Cedar Tech, we uncover the four key elements that top management lacks and analyze how it drastically hinders their culture and also how it prevents them from running an effective organization. 1. Communication – “Decision making was highly decentralized. This resulted in the loss of possible gains to be obtained from cooperation among other managers. The silo effect that resulted from this structure meant that departments were making decisions based on what was best for them.” While Cedar Tech focused their efforts solely on customer service, they lacked the communication necessary to coordinate between departments to ensure accurate information and a seamless flow of production. Many departments were independent and made decisions based on what is best for their department and not the company as a whole. This method resulted in lack of structure, profit loss and redundancy in decision-making. 2. Set Unclear Expectations – “High rate of absenteeism and voluntary turnover was at an all time high and existed across all departments. In addition, promotion and/or salary increase was not systematic or standardized.” Employees at Cedar Tech don’t have clear cut rules or guidelines that help them determine how to properly succeed in the organization, thus getting frustrated and creating unmotivated workers who do not believe in Cedar Tech or its goals. 3. Possess poor people skills - “Department managers acknowledged that they were busy reacting to problems and customer issues, allowing them little time to coordinate and listen to their employees.” By not giving their employees adequate time to express their opinions and concerns they are fostering a negative environment and creating

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