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Atmosphere 1 What is the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere 1bThe present atmosphere of the Earth is probably not its original atmosphere. Our current atmosphere is what chemists would call an oxidizing atmosphere, while the original atmosphere was what chemists would call a reducing atmosphere. In particular, it probably did not contain oxygen. 2 What are the four major layers of the Earth’s atmosphere? Describe each layer briefly. 2bhis section examines the atmosphere as a system, and several atmospheric phenomena that have become critical in the understanding and guardianship of our environment. The current state of the atmosphere is the result of a multitude of facts. The energy from the sun produces the movements or currents in the atmosphere. This energy, the Earth's movement relative to the sun, and the components of the atmosphere and of the Earth's surface maintain the long-term climate, the short-term weather, and the temperature conditions. These provide conditions fit for the forms of life found on Earth. The condition of the physical world affects and is affected by the life present. The entire system is therefore called the biogeochemical system. In the last century especially this system--which evolved over billions of years has been subject to rapid changes due to industrial activities increasing at unprecedented rates. 3What is the greenhouse effect 3bMost of the people out there are bound to get confused if asked how green house effect is related to global warming, as we have always looked at it as a separate . Even though greenhouse effect is not harmful for the planet, 'enhanced greenhouse effect' definitely is. Sadly though, this and other such important facts about this phenomenon have been eluding the brightest minds of the world for quite some time now. 4How would you describe the ozone layer? Why is the

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