Cda Competency Goal 4 Essay

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CDA Competency Goal IV To advance physical and intellectual competence. Functional Area 4 Physical Goal: Provide a variety of equipment, activities, and opportunities to promote the physical development of children. Young Infants: For the Young infants is really important that we as a caregivers provide a rich environment of equipment that help them to open that opportunity of learning and discover, the child at this age has the capacity of learn through activities and experiences. Its important to emphasizes through the observation of individual children’s interests and needs, and then plan ahead the activities and experiences that will promote their physical development. Mobile Infants At this age their world is expanding, so the…show more content…
Young Infant At this age, we should talk to the babies constantly, let them know that there is a way to express feelings and needs, and then they would be able to use this important tool of communication. They can talk yet, but they need to be aware that exist. We as a caregivers should talk to the Young infant in every eppotuniy , we should let them know what we are going to do, talk at the same time that we are doing the things. Mobile Infant The child at this age we should give them words , when we talk to them they feel reassurance, speak clearly to them is important, since they start to understanding more words that they understand the words that they produce , we should let talk and wait , teach them the concept of turn taking in a conversation, give them time and importance on what they are saying even thought we don’t understand what they are saying, is important to make them feel understood, and secure so they can keep with their talking. As a caregiver I like to expand what their trying to say, so they can enrich their language
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