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Air Pollution Air pollution is a worldwide problem faced by human beings. There are many kinds of common air pollutants around. Borrego (2011) suggests that there are at least six common pollutants: Ground-Level Ozone, Lead, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Particulate Matter and Sulfur Dioxide. The reasons for air pollution are divided into two aspects: human and natural action. According to Borrego (2006), human activities are the main causes of air pollution, burning fossil fuels accounts a huge part of the reasons, as transportation has become a key part of human lives. In addition, Herry (2000) claims that emissions from industries and manufacturing activities also cause air pollution. Moreover, Livingstone (2008) believes that household and farming chemicals makes bad effect for the air, especially for chemicals at home or office with no or little ventilation which can cause individual illness. These pollutions can cause acidic rain which is harmful to water, vegetation and buildings, it even can kill trees, fish, animals and other wildlife. In order to reduce air pollution, prevention and solution are useful approaches. According to Sommer (2005), prevention interventions are always a better way of controlling air pollution. So a solution is for the government, investing in solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy, to minimize burning of fossil fuels. As Livingstone (2008) believes human living pollution is also an essential reason to air pollution, addressing this issue involves encouraging families to use public transport, for example bus, train and bike. Moreover, Miranda (2009) conducts that recycle and re-use things is an efficient way to tackle this problem. Air pollution is a persistent problem which is serious threatens to human lives. So everyone should perform of responsibilities to decrease air

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