Ccot: China 100-600 Ce

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There were many features in China that changed over time during 100-600 C.E. Although there were changes, there were also several ideas that were maintained throughout. The Asian culture and the political layout of China was new and differed from others. China’s culture is unique and differentiate from the other countries. The political system developed over time. China’s civilization is not like most and creates as one of the many other unique countries in the whole world. The political system was mainly dynasties in this time period and it maintained through the country the whole time. The first dynasty ever in China was the Qin dynasty that started in the 200’s. Following after that was the Han dynasty. The ruling class was mainly emperors on top and then soldiers and ending up with the peasants at the very bottom. Trade helped gain new territories and advance to new lands. The Great Wall of China was being built at this time to keep out the barbarians. The barbarians were on attack to take over China. With the ruling of emperors and the military forces that are strictly taught, they helped defend China. China’s culture was the first to define out of the Asian cultures everywhere. There were many adaptations of new ideas. First, China adapted to Buddhism mainly but some were Christians. However, Confucianism influenced deeply through this time. It carried out the lifestyle of obedience in families and how everyone should act to be proper and polite. This philosophy proved out to be very popular during this time. It assisted to the culture creating a more intense culture. Feng shui was also brought creating a peaceful lifestyle to be balanced in life. Daoism was a part of this also. Though it seems that there is a lot of changes in the society of China, there are a few that remained the same in the culture and their political ways. The dynasties continued

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