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Europe Before and After Rome Europe before and after Rome was very decentralized. Before the Roman Empire, Europe was in a bronze age. But during the Roman Empire it was spiraled into the Iron Age so when the Romans fell (not counting the Byzantines) it remained in the Iron Age or quite some time. Also religion was not a big part of Europe before the Romans, but after them Romans Catholics really sprung up in Europe and united most of it under Christianity. Because Rome left a big mark in Europe it left a big mark leaving like the iron or the religion but it always remained decentralized. Europe was decentralized for awhile after and before Rome. With many different little civilizations it was very decentralized. During the time before Rome and after Europe had little civilizations popping up here and there and some medium sized ones like Greece. And after Rome, little civilizations had come up with a medium one, which in this case the Byzantines. But before the creation of Rome it was more centralized than after the fall because of Feudalism. Before Rome Feudalism wasn’t a thing. But after Rome Feudalism exploded and was kept until 20-50% of the population was completely wiped out by the Black Death. Still, even with Feudalism only existing after Rome things where still very decentralized because of invaders. Before Rome Persia would invade, or tried to invade Greece. Yet after Rome, constant invasions from the Arabs and the Mongols plus constant harassment from the Vikings caused things to be very decentralized. Because Rome united most of Europe everything was more centralized but after Rome fell, those little civilizations started to pop up again and that made them more prone to invasions just like it was before

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