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To print or download this syllabus, please go to DocSharing and download it to your computer. CCJ 1020 Introduction to Criminal Justice Course Syllabus Course Description: This course provides an overview and introduction to criminal justice. Focus on the nature of crime, law and criminal justice, the Police and Law Enforcement, the makeup of the courts, the adjudication system, the issues facing police, corrections, and a review of the nature and history of the juvenile justice system. Course Outcomes: 1. Describe the similarities and differences between various criminal justice agencies and their duties. 2. Describe the concept of crime, theories of crime, and how crime is measured. 3. Understand issues in criminal justice based on history and current events. 4. Outline the purpose of and the problems found in both the adult justice and juvenile justice systems. 5. Explain issues in criminal justice based on history and current events using critical thinking skills. 6. Summarize the three-pronged "system" of criminal justice. Textbooks (Required): Siegel, L. J. & Worrall, J. L. (2012). Introduction to criminal justice, 13th ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Online Resources: Academic Success Center Click here to access the Academic Tutoring & Success Center. The Academic Tutoring & Success Center is a resource for all students seeking assistance with their courses. Online Learning Resource Center Click here to find a variety of useful resources: * Find general resources, including online almanacs, article databases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and tutorials. * Find resources by program for your specific program of study, including allied health, business, information technology, justice, nursing and trades. Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN) Please click here to visit Everest’s

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