Cc Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church

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CC Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches were the main focal points of Europe during the early to mid-part of the 1000s. Both churches had mostly the same ideology. However, some ideas like the date of Easter split the two churches apart. Those characteristics set them apart and brought them together such as their: beliefs, and course after the split. Both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches had different, but similar use of beliefs. For example, they had different views on the usage of Nicene creed. The Eastern Orthodox Church refused to believe adapt to the new Nicene Creed. On the other hand, the Roman Catholic Church was instrumental in the charge for the new Nicene Creed. Because of this, the split between the two churches became more understandable after this dispute. Also, the two churches had conflicting views on the Virgin Mary. The Eastern Orthodox Church believes that the Virgin Mary had resisted sin all of her life. In the Catholic’s eyes, she was born somewhat like Jesus, where she could not sin in her power. These two religion were similar in the belief of the way Communion should be run. They believe that the bread symbolizes the body of Christ. Also, they believe that the wine that is served to people as the blood of Christ. Both Churches had a different course after their split in 1054, but still intersected on their road. Both churches had a council to govern things accordingly after the split. The Catholic Church council had over 100 meetings and was very useful for the Church. However, the Orthodox Church Council lasted only five meetings. The churches had different views on reconciliation and unity. The Orthodox Church begged for unity as it often had times keeping the land. On the other hand, the Catholic Church was in no hurry to begin to patch things up with the Orthodox
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