Cc Essay Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia

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During the Foundations Period of 10,000 B.C.E to 600 B.C.E Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia both developed into civilizations. Both had different patriarchal societies which strongly affected the civilization and state building because of the person inequality. They both also had very different geographies which was another strong factor in their state building. It ended determining the invasion of one of these places in losing people. On the other hand ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia's religion is exactly the same because they both believe in multiple gods and they are anthropomorphic. Mesopotamia and Egypt have very different geographies and this influences their development by Mesopotamia ends up being taken over and it falls apart where as Egypt's geography allowed their development to grow. Mesopotamia has very flat lands in the Tigris and Euphrates river was very unpredictable with flooding and drought. Where as Egypt is located in the Sahara desert and the Nile River was predictable with floods. Egypt had much more of an advantage then Mesopotamia with their geography because this would lead to better development. The reasoning for this first off is because Mesopotamia had very flat land and they were surrounded by things which caused their development to later fall apart. This is a negative effect because later on in Mesopotamia the nomads end up invading them and taking over. Which caused their development to drop as I said before. Also, the Tigris and Euphrates river being very unpredictable with flooding or droughts made living difficult in Mesopotamia. Their cities were either being wiped out or they were without water. In Egypt it was very good for them to live in the Sahara Desert because they were surrounded by nothing and alone. Egypt was able to go without invasions or taking over, where as Mesopotamia had that happen. Another plus

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