Cbt for Schizophrenia

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Title: Analyse a therapy used in an aspect of Mental Health Care and its Evidence Base Chosen Topic: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is an enduring mental illness and “a major psychiatric disorder, or cluster of disorders, characterised by psychotic symptoms that alter a person’s perception, thoughts, affect and behaviour” (NICE, 2009). “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based talking therapy that attempts cognitive and behavioural change based on an individualised formulation of a client’s personal history, problems and world views” (Tai and Turkington, 2009). It was built on behavioural principles that emphasised “clear relationships between cognition, physiology and emotion” (Beck, 1952). This essay will analyse the use of CBT as a psychosocial intervention to patients with schizophrenia. Additionally, it will discuss definition of severe mental illness and why it is hard to define on a single definition and how it is being assessed for appropriate management and treatment. It will further analyse how stress and vulnerability model help the therapist and patient understand the onset symptoms of schizophrenia. Furthermore, it will examine the role of CBT in reducing the impact of positive symptoms to the patient. Moreover, it will discuss the criticisms on the effectiveness of CBT and how the proponents answered these criticisms. Lastly, it will analyse CBT’s implications to practice in mental health nursing. Severe mental illness has no specific definition because of the complexity in specifying a point on the scale of illness that is relevant to each patient who has varying needs and to services that have varying level of resources. Severe mental illness is, by and large, perceived as to be those in which psychosis is likely to occur (Scott, 2008). Psychosis is a psychiatric terminology used to
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