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Cbt Case Studies Essay

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  • on January 31, 2012
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Final Exam

Kimberly A. Pruitt
Professor Donna Ford
August 13, 2006

Question 1

Let’s recap on a case study of Mary Smith.

Mary Smith

Stats: Female, Mid 30s
Children: 0
Occupation: High-powered corporate
Habits: Drink 50 to 60 drinks a week

Mary Smith believed her father was an alcoholic. This indicates some form of family disposition in Mary’s alcoholism. Mary showed signs of a physical addiction according to her Comprehensive Drinker Profile. The profile also showed that she has a high tolerance of alcohol. The psychological aspect to Mary’s alcoholism is related to stress. Her job gives mixed message about her drinking, thus she is in between abstinence or drinking. It has been hard for her accepted in the social norm with her clients being as she is a woman. Social drinking helps her become more adept within that crowd. Mary’s alcoholism affects her social life both positively and adversely. In a positive sense, she is able to better cope with her stressful job. When with clients, her social drinking helps make better relations with her clients. On the negative side, she is physical addicted to the substance. This could cause liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and pancreatitis.  
Three strategies can prove to be effective in Mary Smith’s case: psychoeducation/skill building, cognitive-behavioral (CBT) strategies, and intervening in systems that affect the individual. Most of these strategies can found in community service substance abuse programs. Clinicians have a much better outcome at the combination of the three.

Psychoeducation/skill building

Psychoeducation is accessing and learning strategies to deal with mental illness and it symptoms. It involves educating a client about their problem, what treatment options are available, and how to know when the client is involved in high risk situation. The beginning of the skills building process is assessment. A clinician must understand that...

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