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In the CBP, the initiating process group and the planning process group are fundamental to establishing a baseline schedule. Describe the role of the project sponsor, and specify the information or documents the sponsor needs to provide to charge the project team with the responsibility of planning and managing the project. Using the definition of project, what characteristics of this assignment identify the CBP exercise as a project? What goals should the project sponsor identify as the deciding factors that would be used to measure the success of the simulated project? Identify the project stakeholders and describe the interests of each stakeholder group. The project sponsor is going to be the higher ranking manager who is advocating for and protecting the projecting throughout the duration. In order for a project to be successful it will need a project sponsor who is committed to the project’s success. In the being during the initiating and planning processes the project will be at the most risk of cancelation so sponsor will be critical in keeping upper level management onboard with the project. The CBP is a project because it fits all of the characteristics that meet its definition • It has a start and a finish –January 4,2010 to February 1st, 2012 • It will accomplish a unique specific task – Developing a new computer-controlled conveyor belt • Involvement of multiple departments or professions – Design, Development, Assembly, Documentation • Completing something that has not been done before- Developing a new device • Specific timing, cost and customer requirements – Start and end dates, cost given, and simulated requirements The sponsor would want to ensure that the task is able to be accomplished based on the initial criteria and proposed resources. The project stakeholders would be the following The company that is funding the project so

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