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Nicole Hamaway History Essay Crane Brinton’s book The Anatomy of Revolution states his theory of Revolution. The three stages are moderate, radical, and reactionary. The French revolution follows this pattern moderate, radical, and reactionary, resulting in the upholding of power by Napoleon in a solid era. The issues that started the moderate stage of the French revolution began in May 1789 when the Estates General, also called the French Parliament, was called by King Louis XVI to help solve the nations finical catastrophe. The last time they met was 1614. During this meeting the Third Estate demanding equality in the voting process. They paid the most in taxes yet had the least power and say. After a six week impasse they renamed themselves the National Assembly. On July 14, a mob stormed the Bastille symbolizes their independence from the King and freeing the dozen political prisoners. On July 20, 1789 the National Assembly was locked out the meeting with the rest of the Estates General. Infuriated with the mismanagment of France by the King and the inequality of tax collection, they met on a tennis court near the palace where they formed the Tennis Court Oath. They pledged "not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established." This was the start of the French Revolution. The Radical Stage started in 1793 and ended in 1794. It was a time of complete and utter chaos. A great rebellion spread over France like a plague. The people went together demanding to cease the ridiculously absurd taxes and bread prices. They pillaged the Versailled The Reactionary stage started in 1794 and ended in 1799. The Napoleonic Stage started in

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