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| | ROMME ALPIN | COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS | | | | Rebecca | [Välj datum] | Summary/Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Short history of Romme Alpin 4 Geographical Location 5 Transportation provided today 5 Size of the Destination 6 Romme Alpin 1 Number of Visitors 1 Competitors 1 Possible other industries 1 Development Project 2 Delimit the Problems and identify the effects of the project 3 Actors 3 Cost benefit analysis 3 Effects of actors 3 Benefits 3 Romme Alpin AB 3 Environment 4 Locals 4 Bus service company 4 Healthcare facilities in the region of Dalarna 4 Costs 4 Romme Alpin AB 4 Environment – The emissions from the busses 4 Healthcare facilities in the region of Dalarna 4 Community – Expenditures relocated from other sectors to Romme Alpin 5 Reference list 6 Summary/Abstract This paper covers the cost benefit analysis of the improvement of ski bus services provided by Romme Alpin AB in Dalarna, Sweden. The paper consists of the different steps made to present the socio- economic effects of the implementation of new ski bus service routes covering the proximate area around Romme Alpin in Dalarna. The current situation is where Romme Alpin has expanded their carrying capacity with the inauguration of the mountain named Snöberget. With more slopes and lifts the destination can now handle more visitors at the destination. The existing ski bus services are focused on the bigger cities like Stockholm, Gävle and Uppsala etc. However, this cost benefit analysis has examined the possibilities and effects of introducing ski bus services at new pickup locations around Dalarna. The results provided from the cost benefit analysis shows that it would be beneficial economically to invest in the project. The analysis shows that a profit will be generated in every scenario. Introduction The cost

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