Causing and Correcting Erosion Essay

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Causing and Correcting Erosion There are three major practices that expose the soil to erosion and that also lead to the degradation of soil, which are deforestation, overcultivation, and overgrazing. (Wright & Boorse, 2014, p. 278) In this paper I will describe each of these practices and how they can possibly be corrected. Deforestation is defined as the removal of trees and using the land for another land use. This often leads to soil erosion and loss of the fertility in the soil. An example of this would be, in the last 50 or so years the Amazon has lost around 17 percent of the forest, so to convert into land to be used for cattle ranching. Food, fresh water, traditional medicine, clothing, and shelter are some of the few benefits that the people rely on from forests. A plethora of the worlds most threatened and endangered species live in these forests. (World Wildlife Fund, 2014) Deforestation can be corrected by conservation programs. The CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) can establish highly erodible cropland as a CRP of grass and forest. If their land is placed in the reserve they got paid each year for it. I believe if more farmers used conservation policies in their farming, their farms would be far more productive and would help the environment all at the same time. Overcultivation, can potentially lead to a decline in the quality of the soil and in the productivity of it. Overcultivation is the cultivating frequently and planting crops continually without giving the soil time to restore all the minerals. Then, the soil can remain bare for a considerable amount of time between planting and after the harvest, causing soil erosion. (Wright & Boorse, 2014, p. 279) Overcultivation can be corrected by a technique called no-till agriculture. With this technique, the field is sprayed with herbicide to kill weeds and then a planting apparatus

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