Causes Related to Homelessness

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The Causes Related to Homelessness; Draft The Causes Related to Homelessness Capella University Scope of human Services HS- 5318 Professor M. Martin By Sandra Wright 2 Abstract The geographical divide that separates the rich from the poor is that some people are privileged and some are not. Homelessness is not a privilege but it is an experience that many people stumble upon. furthermore many people have , since the beginning of time gone through one step after the other through some type of trajectory in their lives experiencing , evictions, financial difficulties , job loss, and mental illnesses before and after becoming homeless . in this report homelessness will be used through different levels of some people’s trajectory in their lives through events that may be the causes related to homelessness. Through recent research and examination of different areas in our nation researchers explored the domains of material , physical and mental health and safety wellbeing of homeless people life chances that has increased for many individuals young and old through different pathways . However through living in shelters and living in poverty neighborhoods homeless people still are still neglected by services and labeled, and families and their children are limited to access the
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