Causes of Ww1 Essay

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To what Extent can we blame the Alliances for the Outbreak of the First World War World War I, one of the most horrific wars in the history of our planet. It’s the war in which trench warfare developed, the war of technological developments in aircraft warfare with the introduction of various fighter planes. But mostly World War I was the war in which 8.5 million people lost their life. (Wilde) Historians in present times have different thoughts about what and who actually caused the war to kick off. What we do know is before the assassination date countries throughout Europe had started to form alliances. These alliances are seen as one of the biggest reasons as to why a war started after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the 28th of August 1914 (Clare). But is this all? What I want to find out is to what extent we can blame the formation of the alliances for the outbreak of World War I. As mentioned above there were two different alliances formed before the outbreak of the war in 1914. Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy formed the triple alliance. In 1882 these three nations signed a document stating that they would back up each other up if another nation threatened one of three nations (BBC). The link between Austria-Hungary and Germany is due to the strong ethnic ties, the two nations shared borders, and in many regions of Austria-Hungary the German language was spoken. For Austria-Hungary it was a necessity to keep it’s country together and control over the Balkans, in which Serbia had been receiving a lot of support from their neighbors, the Russians who happened to have a big army. For Italy, who just like Germany was just formed from a collection of smaller states, wanted to gain more territory in Greece, Turkey and the Balkans. Besides Italy also wanted to be protected from their northern neighbors the French. The alliance could also

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