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Causes of Ww1 Essay

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  • on August 7, 2013
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World War I the Long and Short Term Causes

World War One Strategies

• The first mechanized war.
• Largest war to date
• Need for a superman
• Fascination with Military man
• Terrorism begins war
• Technological developments
• Economic outcomes
• Significance

Long term Causes

Napoleons ways about militarism, imperialism and discipline were romanticized in the late 19th Century in Europe. Nationalism took a rise after the unification of Germany and Italy forcing many other areas to want to do the same. In the Turkish ruled areas of south eastern europe many ethnic groups under the oversight of Turkish rulers now wanted to follow Italy and Germany leads and proclaim their own national countries. Much of this was brought on by witnessing imperialism of the major countries of England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain do this and prospers. America didn’t much care about grabbing up the earth at the time. They still had much landscape to discover and build on. They had resources, such as deep coal mines and plenty of land to grow crops. Europe on the other hand was extremely vicious group of heritage so in grapping what else was left of the Earth was a competition: Closely watched by other countries as many countries nearly went to war with each other over land disputes, Europe melted into balkanization of tribes ( Races) and everyone began to call out each others histories. Small areas that had no history began to invent them by using old wives tales and possibly songs that were written of old: Literally making up there past to legit their made up heritage background.

Thomas Carlysle (1795-1881) Scottish essayist and historian wrote a book on a theory on how and why empires rise and fall. “The presents or absents of heroes determines empires.” For example, when Rome was first forming, great heroic persons who face difficult problems and built an empire, but at the collapse of the Roman Empire no heroes could be found, especially when it was...

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