Causes of Ww1 Essay

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Causes of WWI (Imperialism, nationalism, militarism and alliances) -Nationalism • Nationalism makes people believe that your country can “do no wrong” and you should always agree with its policies • Causes people to disregard the concerns and rights of other nations • Created a hostile and competitive atmosphere in Europe -Imperialism • The major European nations were all trying to gain as many colonies and territories as possible • Provided raw materials which were necessary to fuel their growing economies • Raised tensions and created an atmosphere of distrust and anger -Militarism • Each country began to build-up its armed forces (arms race). This created fear in other countries who then began to further upgrade their armies and navies. • As tensions rose, the temptation to settle matters with force became more and more attractive • There had not been a major European war since Napoleon’s defeat in 1915. All other conflicts had been either minor and short, or in distant parts of the globe. People did not have a true sense of what a major war would be like. -Treaties and Alliances • The numerous alliances and treaties increased both the European nations` sense of power and their fear of attack . • Germany allied itself with Austro-Hungary and Italy. (Triple Alliance/Central Powers) • Britain allied itself with France and Russia. (Triple Entente/Allies) • Alliances meant that if a conflict broke out between any of the countries, all of Europe (and their far-flung empires) would be at war. This included Canada • There were also treaties between these large nations and smaller countries in Europe July

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