Causes Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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Causes of the Revolutionary The cause of the revolutionary war was not one but many causes. The main cause which seems to be fact was the the colonists and Britain’s views on laws that Parliament had enforced upon the colonies such as new taxes. The colonists believed they should not be taxed with out representation because they wanted to voice their opinion about laws Parliament creates. Britain believed the colonies were created to be used to benefit Britain. When the French and Indian War ended the British felt they had the right to settle former French land even though Indians inhabited most of it. An Indian chief by the name Pontiac united Indian nations to fight off the English, but he was defeated due to major battles lost and major forts not captured. Due to the fear of Indian attacks Britain created the Proclamation of 1763 to banned colonists from settling west of the Ohio river valley. The Proclamation also angered colonists who sought fountains by settling in Newly captured land. Also the Sugar Act was passed which was the first taxation of the colonies by Britain. Later on the currency Act was passed and the colonists formed the Committees of correspondence. The Committees of Correspondence was mainly formed to have Britain appeal its currency Act. Parliament later passed the quartering act which if necessary colonists had to house and supply British soldiers. Colonists were enraged due to the fact the government believed they could allow your personal items to be taken away. The stamp act was created and responded to by the stamp act congress being formed. The sons and daughters of liberty also supported protests and other organizations that were for the colonies benefits. After the stamp act Parliament passed the Townshend Acts to place duties on British goods. The

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