Causes of the French Revolution- Compare Spielvogel to Wikipedia

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Causes of the French Revolution: Compare and Contrast The French Revolution seems to be an event that both Wikipedia and the textbook agree was heavily influential to the decline and removal of absolute power in monarchies and the introduction of new forms of government with the power in the citizen’s hands. To compare Spielvogel’s chapter on the French Revolution to the Wikipedia page on the event would almost be to compare the two sides of a coin, both very alike but still different in many ways. While the exact causes of the French Revolution seem to be debated by most historians there seems to be a common group of causes that are agreed upon. The main ideas of those causes being unfruitful taxation, increasing debt, years of poor agriculture, and no governmental power or say for the people. However Wikipedia and the textbook place different levels of importance among these main causes. Spielvogel seemed to believe that the lack of governmental power within the government of France and the increasing economic debt were the main reasons the peasants revolted against the royals and nobles. He says “A growing resentment of the entire seigneurial system, with its fees and obligations, greatly exacerbated by the economic and fiscal activities of the great estate holders-whether noble or bourgeois-in the difficult decade of the 1780s, created the conditions for a popular uprising”. He also states that the fall of the Bastille and the king finally surrendering to the demands of the Third Estate led to the peasant population “taking matters into their own hands”. Meanwhile, Wikipedia places less importance on the violence of the revolution and more on the diplomatic and political causes and changes of the Revolution. The site states that the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and the women’s march on Versailles were two key events of the
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