Causes of the French Revolution

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Out of several causes of the French Revolution, there are three major ones; these causes will inevitably change France’s society. The Age of Enlightenment, had brought the idea of thinking, which allowed the nation to realize what their society really consisted of, making the people's minds spark with the thoughts of living in an unfair government. The social system in France would also be a major cause, it added on to the problems already brought up and associated with the age of enlightenment, which would lead to the French Revolution. The social system would bring unfairness between classes. Financial problems in France also added on to the causes. Since, the enlightenment ideas, the inequality of social systems and financial problems kept escalating or becoming a bigger problem, the French Revolution began, in attempt to change all the wrong doings in the government. The Enlightenment, brought upon new ways of thinking and learning into France. As far as France's history was recorded, it had always been ruled by absolute monarchs. Absolute monarchs have always justified their rule, by divine right. Everything they did was seen to be okay and followed because God had told them to do it. But with the Age of Enlightenment, people began to question divine right and the rule of an absolute monarch. They begin to realize that the job of a king was to protect and to promote good changes to the nation, yet it was not happening. New ideas came from philosophers like John Locke, Montesquieu, and Voltaire. Philosophes had a major influence on the middle class of the 3rd Estate. The middle class were said to be the smartest of the 3rd estate, which meant they were the ones, how would be able to lead the revolt more efficiently. Unlike the workers in the class system, who would not be able to, because they were said to not be able to read the written philosophies (Doc.4).
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