Causes of the Egyptian Revolution Essay

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For three decades Egyptians have been living under nothing but humiliation, dishonesty and poverty. However in January 2011, they woke up and decided to take action and to stand up for what they deserve, which is to feel like human beings once again. To make sure that their voices were heard this time, they decided to revolt and gather the media around them in Tahrir square. This was definitely the fifth movement in the history of contemporary Egypt since the 19th century. The first revolution that took place in modern Egypt was the one that over threw Mohamed Ali in 1807. The second revolution is Orabi’s revolution in 1880. The third revolution was in 1919 which was against the British Invasion in Egypt. The fourth revolution was in 1952 which is mostly identified as the 23 July Revolution. The last revolution in Egypt was the one that took place in Tahrir square in 2011, which over threw former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak. It was a revolution driven by the media and the youth. Their voices were heard everywhere in the world. They did not settle down for anything less than what they deserved they stayed in Tahrir square for 18 days. For 18 days people died and people were injured but still they did not give up, the injuries and the deaths of the martyrs only meant one thing to them which was that their voices were finally being heard by the government. Even after former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak stepped down, they still asked for more; they asked for more actions and not words. They wanted to prove a point to the world and they did. For 18 days the world had their eyes on Egypt and what was happening in it. Egyptians were highly respected after this revolution and they were thought of highly in the eyes of the people all around the world. The Egyptian military was backing up the revolution and it was protecting the youth of Egypt and encouraging them to

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