Causes of the Civil War Essay

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Causes of the American Civil War The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a military conflict between the United States of America, which was known as the Union, or the North, and the Confederate States of America also known as the Confederacy or the South, which were the thirteen states that had seceded from the United States. This war between the two different sides was absolutely inevitable, considering there were approximately four decades of conflict. At the root of this divide was the contested issue of slavery and slavery being the main reason the American Civil War occurred. To stop at this explanation would fall short of addressing the economic, and moral effects of slavery that fueled the Civil War. The goal of this essay, is therefore to examine in detail the economic factors of slavery in the Southern states, the question of state rights and autonomy, and the moral and ethical objects to slavery that led to the American Civil War. To say that slavery was not the only issue for the conflict would be very incorrect. Slavery was a huge issue between the Union and the Confederacy when it came to westward expansion, the inclusion of slavery into those newly acquired states, and the difference in economic systems and growth patterns that caused a power struggle between the North and the South. In every aspect of the American Civil War, slavery had a role in it. Those who opposed it did not need it and those who were for it, needed it for economic and political reasons. No matter what the issue or conflict was, slavery would time and time again rear it’s ugly head between the North and the South. There were many compromises that were made that would address the issue of slavery. One of those compromises was the 3/5 Compromise. The Southern states wanted to include slaves in their population that would give them additional representatives in the House of

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