Causes of the Civil War Essay

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The Spanish Civil War lasted 3 years from 1936 to 1939 and is considered one of the worst civil wars in the 20th century due to the number of people involved and killed. In 1920 Spain was a monarchy led by Alfonso XIII of Spain. In 1921, an army was sent to Morocco to end the Moroccan War but were brutally defeated which highlighted how corrupt and incompetent the government was. Miguel Primo de Rivera was a soldier who had fought in colonial wars including the Morroccan and Cuban Wars. After WWI Rivera held many important military positions including the Captain-generalship of Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. With the support of Alfonso XIII and the army, Rivera led a military coup in September 1923. He overthrew the government and declared himself dictator. Rivera promised to end corruption and to regenerate Spain. In order to do this, he suspended the constitution, which he claimed to be for only a brief period of time until they were able to re-establish it with nationalistic and patriotic men. He also decreed martial law and fired all civilian politicians, replacing them with middle ranking officers. Strict censorship was also enforced upon the country and the newspapers that were allowed to run had to print stories supporting de Rivera. Initially, Primo de Rivera claimed that the military dictatorship would only be temporary, stating that he would only rule for 90 days. Primo de Rivera however remained in power for almost 7 years. In the beginning, many people supported Rivera’s plans. Spaniards were tired of turmoil and economic problems and they hoped that a strong leader, backed by the army, would return their country to greatness. His emotional speeches left no doubt that he was a patriot and claimed to only want to keep the dictatorship in place long enough to solve the problems caused by the politicians who he claimed were unpatriotic. In

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