Causes Of Suicide Essay

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Suicide: Why it Happens and What to do About it? Suicide. Even the word looks scary. Everyone at some point have experience suicide thoughts and it’s actually kind of normal since we ALL have our tough and rough times. But when a person committed suicide, people around them gets affected. Parents, Siblings, Family, Friends and teachers might be wondering why the person take their own life? Some of them maybe wondering they’re the reason that person did it. They might also think that if they noticed the ‘signs’ earlier and do something about it, the person could still be alive right now. So if you have a friend that is suicidal or in the verge of killing themselves, what to do about it? When a person thoughts…show more content…
Depression is the common leading cause of suicide and almost everyone have this, mostly teenagers. Depression is more than just sadness, it’s “the emotional equivalent of watching paint dry.” Some people who are depressed don’t even feel at all. They just feel empty and apathetic. People who are suffering from common disease such as Cancer, said that depression is much worse (Neuman). If people don’t treat it well, the chances of them killing themselves will be high and the death rate will rise…show more content…
The victim might be suffering from the loss of their loved ones and they don’t know what to do without them so they just kill themselves since there are no more reasons for him/her to live. Moreover, some of them who kill themselves because of loneliness believes in the afterlife, that they might see their loved ones there, to be with that person forever (Neuman). The sufferer might also be lonely because of bullying. Bullying always happened either at school or on the internet but mostly at school. Victims of bullying are always wondering what they’ve done to deserve this, to make people hate them so much. In the result of bullying, people won’t or don’t want to be friends with the victim because they think that it’ll ruin their ‘reputation’ or they’ll bully that person who are friends with the victim. Furthermore, the victim becomes lonely and hate

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