Causes Of Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Causes of Sleep Deprivation Nowadays, the lack of sleep is a common factor that affects people’s daily activities. Unfortunately, due to family obligations as well as jobs responsibilities, some people can hardly sleep more than three or four hours a day. Three causes of sleep deprivation would be one’s lifestyle, medical conditions andfinancial stress. Lifestyle affects the ability to sleep well in an individual’s life. Some people do not realize how their sleeping conditions might interfere with their daily routines. For example, people might drink coffee (caffeine) at night to increase alertness and energy boost, so that they can work on special assignments for long period of time. However, this practice would interfere with an individual’s work performance the next day, after the caffeine symptoms disappear, due to constant fatigue or tiredness. Another personal habit that interferes with the ability to fall asleep is the addiction to internet and text messages at night. For example, people looking for a relationship would recur to internet or text messages usage to communicate with possible partners. These communication tools would help an individual to exchange ideas for long hours before going to bed. However, this exercise would cause excessive sleepiness the next day, and affect a person’s effectiveness at work. . (this is the only paragraph I have to fix, explaining why my reasons keep a person fromsleeping) Another reason for sleep deprivation would be a chronic medical condition. In some cases people that suffer from medical conditions depend on medications that can produce a sleeping disorder. For example, when an individual takes pain pills to alleviate a back pain or chest pain, and the medicine’s ingredients affect his/ her ability to sleep. Also, caring for a family member with a terminal illness can be challenging and stressful for

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