Causes Of Nat Turner Revolution

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What Were The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Turner Revolt? Nat Turner was a black American in the slave era in the American society. He led a revolution against slave trade in the country that turned out to be the only successful slave rebellion in the year 1831 in US history. The revolution spread terror among the whites in the American society, Nat Turner’s actions set off waves of oppression and legislations implicating the slaves. It prohibited education, movement and assembly of the slaves; this persisted until the American civil war in 1861-65 (Greenberg, 2004). Strengths Turner’s revolution was a key eye opener to the blacks in the American society. It was a basis for the blacks to be recognized as equal to the whites in the society.…show more content…
The abolition movement propagated against the expansion of slavery. Those who supported the strategy advocated for the colonization for freed slaves, this was depicted in colonies established in Africa in countries like Liberia. Advocates of incremental abolition held more traditional vies on the role of the black woman, according to them women were to play a supporting role in both the abolitionist movement and the society in general. More progressive and radical strain of the abolition maintained that the rights and moral standings were universal, this meant that no matter the origin of the people they were construed to the equal treatments and freedom was to be sanctioned to all the people equally (Ferrell,…show more content…
It would have been a remarkable sight for him if he was still living. He standing for his rights and freedom paid off in the end. People can truly say Douglass deserved to own a statue of his own. His contributions to the world will always be remembered. Peace, love, unity and freedom are some of the virtues that Frederick stood for while fighting for the rights of the oppressed in the society. he generally did not discriminate in any way, for instance if an African made a mistake then it was only justifiable for the problem to be corrected immediately the same way if a white did the mistake would be punished. It was on a basis of equality on justice provision and all other fields in the society (Douglass, 2006). Discuss The Myths And Realities Of The Underground Railroad? In 1950 Harriet turned out to become the most active underground worker on the railroad on the eastern branch. The African American odyssey the Underground Railroad was supposed to become secret and very scant information on its operations are provided so far (Walters, 2012). Some of the great myths surrounding the railroad are discussed below. I. The first “stops” along the Underground Railroad were found in the

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