Causes Of Mass Hysteria

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Dayana Barrientos November 6, 2011 7 The unsupported lies manage to create hysteria among themselves, with many people attempting to search them out to expose or join them. Majority of the Puritans worshiped their religion. The Puritans accepted the interpretations of John Calvin on the nature of man, free will and predestination, and other basic concepts. Witches and the Devil were feared by the townspeople. Supposedly, the Devil walked on earth and tempted the townspeople to write their name with blood in a black book. Also, they believed witches and the Devil correlated together because they tempted the citizens to do wicked things to other Puritans. The hysteria begins with a few girls mentioning that witches controlled them to conjure sprits. All of Salem panicked right after the girls started to point fingers. Since the girls were considered the Lamb of Gods, nobody defied them. Covering the lies to protect an innocent action, the Witch Trails began. In result, there was a…show more content…
I think mass hysteria could occur, however there has to be evidence. Mass hysteria can occur by a little rumor, or a public truth. If the president said there is a contagious disease or virus outside. As evidence the media demonstrates pictures and explains the origins of the disease. Also if they say anyone could die from it if not seen by a doctor as soon as possible if symptoms occur. Citizens would be paranoid, and go crazy. Fingers would start to be pointed and so on. Another example of mass hysteria is if the world going to end on month twelve year twelve. There are two sides: the scientific and the religious side. The scientific side says the world won’t end until a billion and billions of years. The earth blows up and turns into a star. On the other side, the Bible says the world is going to end one day. Also other people have been adding to it. When I day comes, panic will run on the streets and attack. I believe it should be left to the

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