Causes of Juvenile Delinquency

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Unit 5 Mid-Term Project Causes of Juvenile Delinquency Deborah Llamas Research Methods in Criminal Justice CJ490-03 Professor Janet Nichols March 28, 2012 Abstract Although the study of mental disorders in juveniles is: becoming common ground in the criminal activities of juvenile deviant behavior today, related to juvenile criminal behavior is important to learn the various and specific natures of these disorders and properly diagnose them, in relation to juvenile criminal behavior. Anticipating the criminal behavior could assist in defining juveniles who are at- risk, studies show that 51% of young male juveniles were tested by means of an Illustrative sample. The study was directly associated with juvenile mental disorders which sampled a variety of young juvenile offenders involved in the study were tested for an analysis of childhood disorders; and, anticipating possible causes of juvenile delinquency within the juvenile population (Copeland, Johnson, Keeler, G. and Costello, 2007). Various forms of Trait Theories studied as associated with juvenile delinquencies “Developmental Theory is a view that criminality is a dynamic process, influenced by social experiences as well as individual characteristics. Developmental factors include biological, social, and psychological structures and processes” (Siegel 2011. Recent studies have found that a variety of biological disorders is associated with juvenile delinquencies. Background and Literature Review A significant finding was the association between gang involvement and a cause of juvenile delinquency. Juvenile offenders from Denver Colorado were been chosen for this study based on households in high-risk areas, population, housing characteristics, and their official high crime rates. Four thousand five hundred and twenty-seven juveniles between the ages
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