Causes of Infection

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uses of infectionCauses and Spread of Infection 1.1 viruses....are a coated material that invade the cells apparatus for reproduction, Bacteria......are single celled organisms; some classify them as a separate {FOURTH} kingdom of the tree life Fungi.......are multi celled organisms that form a third kingdom of life along with the plant kingdom and the animal Parasites.....are plants or animals that derive from the metabolism of other plants or animals at the expense of the host and without providing some benefit to the host 1.2 common illnesses caused by Bacteria.....uti’s an tb Fungi.....Thrush, Athletes foot Viruses....Aids, Measles Parasites....malaria, tape worm 1.3 Infection is an invasion of cells that can cause harm. Colonisation is the invasion of cells that cause harm. 1.4 an infection that has gone into the blood stream. Localised in one place of your body. 1.5 poor hand hygiene can lead to the spread on infection. 2.1 warmth unclean dirty areas can cause the growth of micro-organisms. 2.2 Infection can enter the body by breathing in droplets after someone sneezing, putting dirty fingers in your mouth or eyes, and open wounds and cuts. 2.3 Some common causes of infection like staph is an infection that where the body and blood is attacked by a bacteria called staphylococcus Aureus, Urinary tract infections Inner ear infection Kidney infection Candida which is a a fungal infection 2.4 Affective agents can be transmitted by droplet contact by some one coughin or sneezing on another person. Direct contact...touching an infected person including sexual contact, Indirect physical touching soil contamination or contaminated surface. Airbourne transmission Facial oral transmission 2.5 if signs and symptoms are ignored then infection is likely

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