Causes Of Global Warming Essay

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Lately, there has been much deliberation about what should be done to overcome global warming which is emerging as a fierce common enemy for every living being on planet Earth. So what exactly is global warming? In a nutshell, global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature. This increase in temperature can have minor or major impacts on the world’s climate. For example, it can cause the rise in sea level, change of weather as well as extinction of species. Causes of this problem can be attributed to greenhouse gases, volcanic eruptions and other natural causes but the main contributor of global warming is greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) plays a very important role in nature as it is part of the Earth’s “Carbon Cycle”. In the natural cycle, carbon dioxide is released by plants and animals through photosynthesis, breathing and decay. The gas is later absorbed back by the plants for photosynthesis and also by the plants in the ocean. With this cycle, both emission and absorption are roughly equal to maintain the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere comfortable for all living things to survive. Thus, no new carbon is introduced to the environment; it merely changes it form. Unfortunately, to meet the fast growing demand for wooden materials, forests are being harvested in huge and rapid amounts. Hence, there is reduction in photosynthesis which turns CO2 into sugars and oxygen. Burning of fossil fuels too contributes large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere acts like a blanket to Earth; keeping it warm by absorbing some sunlight before it is reflected back into space. These greenhouse gases are important as without it, Earth will be completely covered in ice and will be in no condition for any living things to survive in it. With the increase of CO2,

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