Causes Of Global Warming Essay

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Research Paper on Fraud Cause of Global Warming 1. INTRODUCTION The first time I heard the word “global warming” was when I was a fifth grade student. As summer break homework, my homeroom teacher assigned us a research paper on the global warming, and a series of shock overtook me as I kept reading articles about it. Carbon dioxide gases coming out from my dad’s car, my television, computer, and fridge are killing out world! It was a shock and scary enough to freak out a fifth grade student. After I read articles, I went to my dad, who has degrees in biology and physics, to ask is global warming actually going on. And he said that some evidences are found which supports global warming might just be a part of cyclic climate change. So, I decided to research on the global warming, focusing on the point of view that the global warming is not human-made and just a cyclic climate change. 1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Collapse of iceberg, decreasing icecaps, and other environmental changes were observed, and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change published a shocking report in 1994 that global warming is in progress and 90% of Ozone layer is destroyed (Wikipedia Global Warming). Many environmental NGOs began public movements for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and formal U.S. Vice President Al Gore made a documentary program about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, and won Novel Peace Prize. However, what if the theory of global warming is based on uncertified hypothesis? What if a number of fundamental evidence of global warming is fixed and unconvincing? Can we really say that global warming is created by human, not by nature? The counterargument on the theory of global warming has been highlighted since December of 2009, when emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climactic Research Unit in the U.K. were revealed, stating that leading

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