Causes of Civil War Essay

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Being the predominant cause, slavery is attributed to being the cause of the war by many. However, there were many things that led to the Civil War including economic and social differences between the North and the South, whether new states would or would not practice slavery, and sectionalism. The North and South were very different in both their economic endeavors and their social interactions. The North based their economy on industry, while the South relied on farming with an agrarian economy. The North focused on city life and welcomed new people of different cultures, classes, and backgrounds. However, the South stuck with their traditional social order and did not have many immigrants. Due to these differences, the North and South disagreed on numerous occasions on how to run the country smoothly. The next cause relates back to the first and concerns whether new states that are admitted will practice slavery or not. The northern states and the southern states both wanted the states formed from the Louisiana Purchase to represent their population counts. One well-known solution to this problem is the Missouri Compromise. This stated that the territory north of the southern border of Missouri, excluding Missouri, would be slave-free. Sectionalism was another key cause to the Civil War. The North and South constantly put their region’s interests above the interests of the whole nation. This was evident in their voting habits, economic policies, and representation numbers. Due to this, it was hard for the states to reach an agreement on anything. The economic and social differences between the North and South, whether new states would practice slavery or not, and sectionalism were three of the many key causes of the Civil War. These three things impacted the way people thought in such a profound way that led to a war that is regarded as America’s

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