Causes of Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Major Causes of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Derek Swader HS350 History of the Middle East 24 June 2008 The Arab-Israeli conflict is without question one of the most volatile and dangerous events on the social, economic, and political landscape of the modern era. One only need to pickup a newspaper, turn on the television, or log onto the internet to see the daily confrontations taking place within the Middle East. The Arab-Israeli conflict is the ultimate “catch 22”. The problems which accompany the issue stretch far beyond just the regional conflict. The issues affect populations world-wide and are widely publicized in the media. The seemingly constant violence and loss of life over these issues is unwavering. From time to time the world public hears terms such as ceasefire and peace process coming out of the region, but far too soon the rhetoric heats up again from both sides and violence continues. It is easy for one to dismiss this crisis as simply a religious war. However, religion is only one component of this dangerous situation. The conflict goes far beyond just a clash of religions to become one of global consequence. While many people are led to believe this is a religious war, and while religion certainly plays a significant role in hostilities, history has shown that global politics, land disputes, and regional wars are equally to blame for the continuing crisis. It is important to note that the term “Arab-Israeli conflict” is really a generic label which is put on the situation to encompass all struggles related to the Middle East. It is important for one to understand some of the history behind this struggle in order to put many of the events into perspective. In the post World War II era, many Jews of Russian and European heritage found themselves settling in Palestine. Obviously their religious beliefs made this

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