Causes and Effects of Sleep Deprivation

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Do you want to look 50 when your only 20. A simple thing like sleep, actually the lack of sleep can kill you; twenty percent of all college students experience some sort of sleep deprivation. Most people get eight to nine hours of sleep a night but for over four millions of Americans sleep deprivation is a big part of their life. The causes of sleep deprivation are far and wide and the effects can be physically and mentally draining. The causes of sleep deprivation are divided into four areas lifestyle, medication side effects, health complications, and clinical disorders. Lifestyle is the biggest and most common cause of sleep deprivation. Alcohol or any type of caffeine before or abuse of can cause sleep deprivation. Other lifestyle choices that cause sleep deprivation are work shifts, stress and even diet. Diet plays a big part in sleep; the body needs the nutrients to properly accomplish the organizational tasks in the brain. Medication is another cause of sleep deprivation, many medication contain caffeine or have side effects that would cause you to not sleep properly. Health complications is another big main cause of sleep deprivation, depressed people usually form some sort of insomnia. Another health complication that could need to sleep deprivation is post-traumatic stress, after someone has experienced something horrific can cause sleep deprivation. Lastly, clinical disorders can cause sleep deprivation, but they also can usually be cured by some sort of medication. There are seven clinical disorders but the three most common clinical sleep disorders are narcolepsy, parasomnia, and apnea. The effects of sleep deprivation are divided into two parts physical and mental effects. The physical is the more serious of the two; sleep deprivation over long periods of time can kill you. Without adequate amount of sleep the brains ability to function quickly

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