Causes Ans Effects of Global Warming Essay

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Since the last decade of the 19th century when its thesis was put forward for the first time by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist, global warming has been one of the most important themes. Today many activities are done to stop global warming and its effects to our planet. But it hasn’t stop yet, anyway. Therefore, the studies and investigations are now in progress. Although these are written, told and heard everywhere, there are still so many people who has no idea about global warming. Experts describe global warming as the rise of earths temperature. Global warming is caused by many things. Specialists divide the main causes of global warming into two; natural causes and man-made causes. One natural cause is the earths natural climate change which lasts 40,000 years. Another natural cause is a release of methane gas from arctic tundra. It is known that methane is a greenhouse gas and a greenhouse gas is a gas that traps heat in the earths atmosphere. The other part, man-made causes are dangerous as much as natural ones at least. They are the causes that human being creates himself. Man-made causes can be divided into some special parts; pollution, population, cut of trees etc.. Pollution is one of the biggest causes of global climate change, because it disturbs the balance of atmosphere. Cars, factories, electricity causes pollution in the air and pollution causes global warming. Fossil fuels are used in many ways and fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. Some examples of fossil fuels are petroleum and oil. When fossil fuels are burned to create energy, many pollutants are sent into the air. Another cause is population which causes global warming in many ways. Population affects the world because more people means more food, more need to transportation. This means more methane will be sent into the air. In addition to this we know today
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