Causes And Phases Of The French Revolution

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Western Civ. II The Causes and Phases of the French Revolution The French revolution took place during the years 1789 through 1799. Some say the French Revolution all started with the Renaissance, which lead to the Reformation, followed by the Enlightenment which included the Glorious Revolution and the Scientific Revolution. After that, was the American Revolution where America gained its independence from Britain. All of these steps toward a better future lead to the French Revolution. But why was there a French Revolution in the first place? Well, it began when King Louis XVI became the ruler of France in 1774. He was definitely not considered a good king. He heavily taxed the third estate, which comprised of merchants and peasants all together totaling to 98% of the population, in hopes to relieve the financial problems of France. A major cause of the French Revolution was political problems. The weak leadership of Louis XVI contributed to these problems. He was a weak leader, who at age of 19 did not have the experience necessary to effective rule France. Estates are divisions of social classes of the French in the 1780's. Louis was not interested in keeping the loyalty of the first and second estates. The first estate was made up of the clergy, and the second estate consisted of the nobles. He also was not concerned with problems in the third estate, which were basically the commoners. Another cause was ideas during the Enlightenment. The ideas were about French society. A powerful government should be divided into three branches. The Legislative branch made laws and was made up of National Assembly. Executive branch was made up of the King, with limited power, who enforces the laws. The Judicial branch was made up of judges that interpret laws to the people. Other thinkers believed the people should have freedom of speech, press and religion.
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