Causes and Effects of Substance Abuse

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Causes and Effects of Substance Abuse I. INTRODUCTION Substance abuse greatly impacts many, if not all, aspects of an individual's life is typically linked to behavioral, economic, educational, legal, medical, psychological, public health, and social problems. In the past 10-15 years, attention has been increasingly focused on the correlate between psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. Numerous researchers have discovered a strong contemporaneous relationship between psychiatric disorders substance abuse in both clinical and general population samples of adolescents (Boyle and Offord, 1991; Brook and Brook, 1990; Kessler et al., 1996) and adults (Breslau et1993; Helzer and Pryzbeck, 1998; et al., 1996). For example, Kessler et al. (1996) found that disorders generally preceded the development addictive disorders in individuals with co-occurring psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. Other researchers have found that between the diagnosis of behavior or psychiatric disorder frequency alcohol and bacco use (Boyle and Offord, 1991). This paper analyzes examines substance and substance dependence. Part II, the general causes and effects of substance abuse and substance are addressed. Part III examines the psychiatric aspects of substance abuse. In Part IV, the relationship between abuse and crime is outlined. Finally, this paper concludes with a way to improve the awareness treatment of psychiatric and substance abuse. II. GENERAL CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE Substance is a term of use that displays many adverse results from continual use of a substance. (Carson-DeWitt). Characteristics of abuse include a failure to satisfactorily meet family, school, or work obligations; use under situations that present a hazard (i.e., driving an automobile); financial difficulties resulting from increased money spent to fuel the addiction;
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