Causes And Effects Of Obesity

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The Causes and Effects of Obesity Millions of people are obese around the world – being America considered an overweight country— and this number grows in an incredible scale. Obesity is a chronic disease that concerns doctors since its effects can cause serious health issues, leading to the individual death. In general, one is considered obese by having an extra amount of body fat. And what defines if an individual is going to become obese is much more than only their caloric balance. The purpose of this essay is to expose a few causes and effects of obesity. A person’s eating habit is the primarily cause of obesity. Obesity is caused by not having an energy balance, or having a higher intake of calories that is burned on a daily basis. This is caused by overeating or by eating unhealthy foods. In today’s western society it is not uncommon to both men and women work in a household. The women does not have the same role as before, not having time and desire to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal after getting back from work. Eating out and opting for fast food is becoming frequent, these foods often come in large meals and are most of the time packed with empty calories and fat. These foods do not fill up as much as healthy food, being consumed in large proportions. However, one does not have to necessarily overeat to become obese, obesity can also be a result of a sedentary life. Inactivity is a huge problem not only among adults, but also among children and teenagers. They do not have physical activities as part of their daily lives, as a result of a busy work schedule or inactive form of entertainment. The present generation of children and teenagers spend most of their days either sitting at school having class, or sitting at home watching TV or in front of the computer. As a result, the energy the body uses daily is minimal and the individual will gain
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