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I am a student of London school of business and finance. Our business strategy teacher gives us a group cause study for virgin group. We are been four members in our groups. Our group cause study was for virgin group. First of all me and my group members are decide how can we make this cause study? Where we got information about virgin group? We also decide which part we take individually. I took first part like introduction, company back ground and virgin’s various diversifications in terms of Ansoff’s frame work. For make virgin group cause study I research many kinds of cause study books and research virgin group history in online. I collect some article from newspaper. I got many kind of information from online and article. Then I discuss with my group members. Then we make a decision we can write this type of things. Then I write my part. From this group cause study I learned much kind of things. I researched lot of times about this virgin group. Virgin is a leading international investment group and one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands. I know virgins back ground and how to this group established. In case study is focused on analysing corporate level strategy of the virgin group. It is a good assignment. Me and my group members are learn lot of thing from this group assignment. We made an assignment in very short time. It’s become a good assignment if having more times also We could research and more information as well as learned more things. In my professional life this assignment experience helps me further make relevant assignment. Really this kind of cause study helps us various ways. As a result this cause study I know Ansoff’s frame work. I know this frame is market presentation, product development, market development, and diversification. I identified virgin group as a company that creates growth options through diversification,
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